Quality Assurance

Our Quality control spans right from procurement to the processing and shipping to our clients. We believe in working meticulously and stringently on a plan of action and providing a clear, time honored and a transparent account to our clients and satisfying them thoroughly of their queries. A detailed step to step report right from the cultivation, procurement of the crop, specification of the incoming raw material, processing, sorting & packaging necessities are taken care off by qualified and experienced hands and utmost care and co-operation for shipping is provided to buyer.

We follow complete Traceability Plan that includes Procurement Plan, Storage, Processing, Containerization and Shipping. All required fumigation and other quality certification etc, are maintained as per the request of our clients and our internal corporate governance team. Certifications of goods are provided from agencies as required by the client. We also keep 100% shipment sample for a period of 3 months from date of shipping of the goods and have our own quality control methodology.