Basmati rice is characterized by slender grains with chalky endosperm and shape comparable to a Turkish dagger. Basmati also possess the longest grain length compared to any other rice worldwide, with a minimum length-to-width ratio of three to qualify as Basmati.

Basmati rice literally translates to the "Queen of fragrance or The Perfumed one". This type of rice has been grown in the foothills of the Himalayas for thousands of years.The nut-like flavor and aroma are attributed to the fact that the grain is aged to decrease its moisture content.

About Rice :

Rice contributes the sweet taste to your daily diet. Indian Ayurveda recommends getting six basic tastes on your plate at every meal: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. Rice balances Vata and Pitta doshas. Kapha types, however, should avoid eating rice too often. Dry-roasting it before eating will reduce the heaviness. Rice can be cooked in an amazing variety of ways. Combined with beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and milk (or simply boiled with a dash of ghee). It is wholesome and nutritious. Rice is good for making main dishes, soups, salads, and deserts such as rice pudding. It stores well in sealed containers.

Agro Indian is a trusted name in the Industry and is known for its uncompromised quality, competitive rates and uninterrupted supply and after sale service thus giving a complete value for money to its customers.

Our vision is to preserve and enrich the age long legacy of Basmati in India and to emerge as the industry benchmark for product quality and customer service by ensuring the genetic integrity of the seed, by encouraging farmers to adopt scientific agricultural practices and by leveraging world-class rice processing technologies.

Quality has always been a prime consideration as this is what makes any product a ‘Brand’. Quality management at Agro Indian starts at the grassroots and continues till the product finally reaches the consumer. Quality controls processes are religiously adhered to in order to ensure uniformity in the whole lots that are dispatched. It is ensured that each grain of rice is long and has its tip intact.

Paddy Procurement :

• The procurement of paddy is done very scientifically with a lot of R & D work.

• The company extends assistance at various stages to the farmers in bringing up their crop with good vigor and health.

• R&D teams regularly visit the farms from the sowing stage to the harvesting of crop inorder to advise farmers about the status of their crop and provide remedies for diseases if any.

• Samples from different zones are sent for testing in laboratory. They are tested under various parameters inorder to conform to the quality standard norms of the company & thus finalize the zone for the procurement of the paddy.

• The paddy is received and stored in controlled environment with tight pest control measures.

Packing :

• Automatic poly line-laminated pouch packaging machines are used for packing in range of sizes i.e. 1 kg., 5kg. 10 kg. & 25 kg.

• The products can also be packed in attractive cardboard laminated boxes, poly liner jute, poly liner cotton, natural jute and polythene, ensuring complete safety against moisture, pests, insects and dust as required by clients.

• We ensure that our rice is just a perfect blend of in all aspects of the Basmati / Non-Basmati Rice with uniform grain, pristine white luster and appetizing aroma.